When I was 10 years old I started to play piano at a music school, that was the time when I bought my first keyboard, a Yamaha PSR-1100. After seven years of playing other people’s work and becoming a proficient keyboard player, I started to improvise and create my own music. A friend of my father introduced me to the software ‘Reason’ which allowed me to work out new ideas and motivated me to make more music. After learning the basics of Reason, I published my first few songs on the webpage thesixtyone.com. One year later, the community of thesixtyone dwindled, so I transferred to youtube and started releasing my tracks there.

Early 2010, I began my studies at a college in Karlshamn which focuses on production and design of audio. Here, I’m learning how to edit and create audio for both film and games. While learning I also pick up many tips and tricks on how to improve my mixing and music-creating skills, which is something that I mostly keep to my spare time nowadays. After graduating, I hope to find a job in which I can edit and design sound, or even produce music for diverse media like film and games.

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